Masculine / Feminine

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Masculine / Feminine
Spiritual Abundance Cards, Melanie Spears.
Model – Loz Wade
Photography – Karla Majnaric
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Melanie Spears –
Balancing the masculine and feminine
Weather you are a man or woman, every human soul has a masculine and feminine nature. Our relation to these internal natures is often replicated in our relationships in the external world. For example , if I keep attracting males in my life who are overriding and dominating me, it is likely my own “inner male” is already doing that to my feminine. If you are a man, and you feel overridden and overwhelmed by women in daily life, it is entirely plausible that you own inner feminine is dominating your psyche with excessive emotional turmoil and feelings of powerlessness.

This dynamic for both men and women usually stems back to our relationship with our parents . As a little boy, an overriding and engulfing mother does not support your masculine self to develop maturely. As a little girl , an absent and avoidant father provides no role model for the development of a healthy masculine aspect of our little selves. The same is true for the positive relations we have with our parents.

Through the law of attraction, we continue to attract partners and lovers who unconsciously play out the roles of our parents in order to activate the wounding of the inner child so that it can be made conscious and brought into balance.

The key here is to know that is happening , and learn from our dynamics with others , instead of drowning in the drama which is all too common inside an intimate relationship.

Where is your own masculine energy under developed? Perhaps he pushes on your feminine… Makes her work to hard…fails to acknowledge her need for nurturing rest and intimacy ? Perhaps he simply takes her for granted and exploits her time with the demands of work, which undermines the expression of naturally aligned creative energy.

Where is your feminine energy ? Is she strong and radiant , overflowing with strength and beauty or is she collapsed in sadness and emotional turmoil with ongoing feelings of powerlessness? Is she refusing to take action or in ” reaction ” to the internal masculine who pushes her to hard?